Ug.  Sorry I've been absent!  I feel like a piece of me is missing. 

I'm still reading everyone, I just haven't been able to catch a moment to write or post anything.

Big Daddy hurt his leg pretty badly last week and I've been doing EVERYTHING..  It's almost like I've got three babes in the house and the big one needed more attention than the two little ones. 

I've got cookies to post, cupcakes to talk about, ME business.  You know?

I promise to get one off in the next day or so. 

Don't leave. 

I'll make it worth your while to come back.

Thanks for sticking with me. 



  1. Don't worry, we Love you Jennifer, we'll wait!

  2. Jennifer you rock...enjoy some time with your sweet son!

  3. Thanks ladies! You are the best!

  4. Jennifer, I hear ya I've been MIA on and off. V's school life has been dictating here.
    Sorry to hear that big daddy got hurt. Hope all is well! (PS sorry to late sending you wishes)

  5. All is well now Farrah! Thank you so much for your well wishes! School must be out soon for the Summer for V? Hopefully you can all relax a bit soon!



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