The Best Laid Plans...

Well, this weekend was a total bust in the baking department.  I had high hopes of getting a ton of treats made while I had Big Daddy home to help with the tiny terrors angels.  Instead, nothing in the sweet department came out of my kitchen.   

Saturday brought us to the mall where we bought and embroidered G a pimp hat to match the ridiculously cool Jordan track suit Nanny got him for Christmas.  Yes, he's 2.  He's also WAY better dressed than I am.    

Sunday got me up way too early.  I stood in the kitchen with O in my arms, thinking, it's quiet, the big boys are still sleeping, let's start to mix something up.

Nope.  Fleeting thought.

We then took the boys to a kiddie carnival where they played for hours.  G put down a hot dog, juice, a couple of suckers, chips, popcorn, milk, and cotton candy.

I'm still waiting for him to fall asleep. 

No baking. 

Looks like I do it when it's least convenient, when I'm alone with two babies..

Clearly I work better under pressure.

G's still awake.

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