Patience and Peppermint...

As a new week begins, I must first reflect on the one that just passed.  I got a lot of baking done and I'll chronicle that as I rehash the hilarity from the 7 days gone by.. 

It's Monday and I'm still standing. 

Well, sitting right now, but even that's a feat.  Let's see how this week goes before we celebrate.

A condensed version of events of last week:

Monday (Valentine's Day)
~Nothing overly exciting happened, took an order for Peanut Butter Balls, relaxed with my babes, forgot until I was throwing Tuna Helper together that it was Love Day.  Noone seemed to notice.  Or mind.  We'd run out of most everything in the house so right before bed I tossed together a *gasp* boxed spice cake with only 2 eggs with the full intention of making cake balls.  Remember my "Can't go wrong" from the last post?  Keep reading. 

~On a clearly step-per-day mode of making the cake balls, I crumbled the cooled cake and put it in a bowl with the intention of adding the icing and rolling them later.  Remember, I have a 2 year old and a 10 month old.  Not the calmest house for a stay-at-home Mama who loves to hide be in the kitchen...  Not long before bedtime arrived again, (Really?  The hours melt off the clock but seem to draaaaag on in real life, while at the same time, there never seems to be enough  time for anything..)  Cruffle mix complete and in the fridge.

~Sweet Jesus, is it the weekend yet?  After a fairly uneventful morning, we patiently awaited Big Daddy's lunch visit.  Lunch passed with nary an incident until he was one foot out the door.  I had just taken the Cruffle mix out of the fridge to roll balls and O crawls over to me for his "lift up to Daddy kiss".  One whiff of my slightly slippery baby tells me all I need to know.  I speed walk towards the porch where I find G under the table COVERED in Peppermint Extract.  Slathered.  Lubed.  Shiny.  They were like two tiny little Grecian wrestlers who were basically licking themselves clean.  They also smelled like Christmas.

Cut two hours later:  Find G under a different table with the bowl of Cruffle mix.  Hands in, face full. 

I had only rolled 5 balls. 
I composted everything.

Still managed a trip to Costco after BD got home from work. 

~Not much to report.  Peanut Butter Ball order completed and picked up.  There were four left over.  They didn't last long.  Worked on my website and Facebook group, cooked, cleaned, entertained.  You know, the usual activities.  Experimented with my first attempt at Pie Pops and mini pies.  These are half strawberry and half strawberry and chocolate.

~Made cookies for my brother's care package, chocolates for my parents, cleaned, did laundry, played, read books, was a pony, a monkey, and a hugging machine.

~Did all my "chores", showered, got dirty again, had friends and their little girl over for supper and a play date.

She cried.  A lot.

G is 2 but he does a mean Huck.  (Hulk)  Also does a pretty badass Wooleen.  (Wolverine)  Needles to say, she was not a fan.  

Might be our last play date with her.

~Repeated chores, trying to get the jungle in order before my parents come this week.  Impossible.  Made more chocolates since we ate the ones I made the other day.  (Sorry Mom!)  Watched Sunday night TV, went to bed.  

I left out so many fun things, like cleaning up barf and poop, sweeping and vacuuming 752 times, busting the only button that was left on my favorite pants, and wondering where to plant our money tree.  

Every week is slightly different yet exactly the same.  I still don't think I'd change a thing.


  1. You're very amusing and your days sound like mine except my kids are older.
    Your pie pops looks great!

  2. Thank you so much! Every day is an adventure to say the least!



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