Under Pressure...

After the "do-nothing-in-the-kitchen" two days I had last weekend, I knew I had to step up my game during the week. 

Clearly I didn't so do well with the available assistance I had at my disposal on Saturday and Sunday and knew that I had to get orders out.   I also had to add to a care parcel I've been putting together for my brother and I need to keep making homemade chocolates for my parents (the demand for those is staggering, they're loved and appreciated, and best of all, a temporarily accepted form of repayment for the millions of dollars they've loaned to us.) 

I also crazily generously decided to volunteer my baking services to a charity auction that is happening this weekend.  

I busted out cupcakes, truffles, brownies, frosting, and fillings, all while being home alone with my two little monkeys.  A two year old and  a nine month old are not in the least conducive to a peaceful baking environment, but tuning them out listening to their angelic voices got me in the zone. 

I've deduced that I must do my best work while having my pants pulled down by O and having G leave flour-y hand prints on my ass  Big Daddy's at work. 

This weekend has also thus far proven bakeless, but I have high aspirations that I'll get to attempt the macarons I've been having inappropriate dreams about wanting to make!

Enjoy one of the fruits of my labor, hopefully this week allows for more posting, I've got a lot to get out of my system.

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