Blog Award and STILL Linking...

I got this fantastic award from Trish over at Sweetology and I couldn't be more proud and honored!  It's my very first as a food blogger and it truly means a lot.  Go check out her blog, there are tons of goodies over there, plus, she's pretty rad!

As part of the award, I'm required to tell you 7 things about myself. 


1) I am the mother of two HILARIOUS boys, Gabe's 2 & 1/2 and Ollie is going to be 1 next week.  They are two of the funniest people I have EVER met!

2) I can bust out every single word to Baby Got Back (Dance Party included).  My kids think I'm AWESOME!!

3) My parents are probably my biggest fans.  Thanks Guys!

4) I will celebrate my 3rd wedding anniversary next month to a wonderful Air Force man. 

5) I will be 31 in August and still need to snuggle with my (2.0 Version) childhood hippo.  I get a little twang of panic when my boys want to cuddle with him.  His name is Herman.

6) I've never been outside of Canada except for "State Drive-throughs" while on vacations as a youngster.  I have the itch to travel.

7) I wear flip-flops year round.  It's unhealthy.  Or so my Mom says..

~I, in turn, would like to share this award with some of my favorite bloggers!

Cookies and Cups is amazing.   She's funny, makes ridiculously delicious treats, and doesn't give two hoots about the calorie count!

Kristan from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen is hilarious.  Not only has she posted a picture of herself playing Twister with her son and pointed out her sweets laden "baby", she is an absolute riot.  Her goodies are gorgeous, her stories are funny, you'll have a blast over there!

Adryon from Adryon's Kitchen drops the F Bomb.  I dig that.  Her food always looks impeccable and I love her story.   Go check her out and you'll be hooked!

Farrah from Farrah's Kitchen was one of the first wonderful people to comment on my new blog.  Since then, I've had the pleasure of back and forth commenting and her dishes always looks fantastic!

Manni from iBake Cakes does some crazy fondant work and is a fellow Canadian.  Her treats always look impressive and so beautifully crafted.  She's got plenty of helpful tips and you won't leave disappointed!

Amanda from i am baker has the biggest heart!  Her cakes and treats are so beautifully crafted, it's inspiring.  I dare you to go look at some of her stuff and not want to re-create it. 

Buns In My Oven bakes with Nutella, which has practically been a food group since I was but a wee one.  Her recipes are amazing, everything looks delicious, and she's just all around awesome!

Haniela's blog never ceases to amaze me.  More often than not I am sitting here with a dropped jaw.  Delectable treats, beautiful photography, and stunning results will have you going back daily. 

Thanks to all of these ladies for keeping me on my toes and continually inspiring me, thank you to Trish for nominating me, and thank you to you, if you're reading. 


  1. Giving you a long distance ((HUG)) for the shout out and I enjoy the commenting chats.
    Your posts always make me laugh or think OMG that happens to me too!

    Esp with this one: "I can bust out every single word to Baby Got Back". When my kids were younger I thought they would think I was hip, now they are teenagers and look at me cross eyed when I belt something out!

  2. I challenge you to a Baby Got Back Lipsync-A-Thon!!!! :) Love this post!

  3. Thanks Farrah! ((HUG!)) I figure if the boys think I'm cool now, they're so young I've at least got a few years left!

    Trish: I'm SOOOO in on the Lipsync-A-Thon!! What if we also add Ice Ice Baby, and Bust a Move?

  4. Thank you Jennifer for such an amazing honour!! I'm so excited to get an award, how cool is that? :)
    Your post is too funny!! I was laughing when you said that you can sing every work to "Baby Got Back". lol!! I would love to watch the challenge between you and Trish!!! ha!ha! oh and I can do the "ice ice Baby" with you guys!
    Thank you again for such an amazing award and I will be sure to post it on my wall :)
    Hope you had an awesome Easter Weekend

  5. Oh Manni, my pleasure! I love going to your blog, you deserve it!!! I would be down with the Ice Ice Baby, how much fun would that be?! Can't wait to come see your post when you put up your award! Have a great week!!



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