Boys and Bacon...

Chicken Crescent Roll Pinwheels and Garlic Spaghetti

No matter how many times I open one, or how old I get, the *POP* of the Pillsbury can gets me every single time.  I always think I'm ready, but I'm not.  It doesn't matter if I dig the tip of the spoon in slowly, which, let's face it, only prolongs the agony, or if I jab it in fast.  The explosion of dough makes me jump. 

I've been on a "let's incorporate crescent rolls or biscuits or wiener wraps into every other meal" kick lately.  Mostly because they were on sale at the grocery store, but also because it's so friggin' easy and delicious and EVERYONE will eat it. 

I had a little helper in the kitchen for this particular concoction.  Always eager to help, Gabe pulled his little foot stool into the kitchen and got the party started.  Daddy had taken Oliver out on the town, so it was just the two of us. 

Before we did anything, we prepped our bacon.  Bacon tastes good with everything, doesn't it?  I think it's a scientific fact.  I bake our bacon.  It saves my stove top from needing to be scrubbed and it just tastes better.  (In my opinion.) 

My Bacon Boy.. 
While we waited for the bacon to bake, I poached two chicken breasts which would be shredded.  I also rolled out the dough and spread it with a delicious layer of cream cheese. 

It was time to chop the bacon but G had other plans...

Full slices would be better Mom...
The chicken was ready so we started to shred it.  Of course, my man helped!

Happy Helper!

To our dough, we also added green onion and cheese.  Everything needs cheese.  Cheese and bacon. 

And Cinnamon Toast Crunch. 

And Pepsi. 

Back to the meal..

Tell me this isn't a big ol' pile of delicious...

Once we piled our dough with everything we wanted, I rolled it up and put it in the fridge for a few minutes to firm it back up.  I then cut it into about 1/2" rounds and placed them on a baking sheet and into a 350° oven for about 13 minutes. 

My delicate placement method...Keep in mind, I had 2 year old help.

I paired our delicious meal with a side of garlic spaghetti and everybody ate happily.   I have no doubt that this wouldn't have tasted nearly as good had I not had my gorgeous helper in the kitchen. 

xo Gabe (and Mommy..)

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