Letting Go and Linkables...

While I work at creating printable links for all of my recipes, I thought I'd share a picture of this sexy beast. 

It was a special order for a co-worker of my husband and, I'm not gonna lie, it was hard to let go of.  I reeeeeeeeally wanted to keep it and eat the whole thing.  With a fork.  No plates, knives or napkins required. 

A moist, 4 layer, spiced carrot cake, topped with a whipped vanilla cream cheese frosting.  It was topped with roasted, sugared walnuts.  (I could have done without the nuts, but wouldn't have complained while it was getting in mah belleh.)

Enjoy.  With your eyes.  That's all I'm doing too. 


  1. Awesome job Jennifer! I would've wanted to dig in too.

  2. It is beautiful! And I'm enjoying it with my eyes :) Not getting to eat something you made is the worst!

  3. It must be something about us bakers that care so much about our treats. I too have had those moments where I don't want to let my sweet creation go! This is really beautiful!! Great job.

  4. Thanks Farrah, I didn't even get to see the inside of it. Made me a little sad. Ha!

    Megan, I know!! I worked hard, decorated it with a sleeping baby on my shoulder and had to let it go. I had some icing leftover though, so I still won a little bit. :)

    Trish: Thank you so much! All the work we put into things only to let them go is rewarding, yet sad sometimes! I'm glad most of my treats get to hang around for a bit!

  5. my mouth is watering. Love how you did the icing. Pretty!!!

  6. Thank you so much! I hope it tasted as good as it looked, I should have made two! :)



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